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Designing Strategies With The End In Mind

Creating extraordinary value through the integration and alignment of business development, operations, and supply chains.

About IPSI + Our Process

IPSI Inc., founded in 2018, has a customized assessment of an organization’s individualized supply chain needs. The process starts with building a strong collaborative network of business stakeholders and ecosystem partners in global operations. Then, creating a trusting and cooperative team environment to develop strategies that engage and proactively address supply chain, manufacturing, legal, reimbursement and regulatory issues throughout the project’s design and implementation. Supply chain strategies are designed “with the end in mind” by listening to and engaging the customers in the early-stage design to build a more robust product.

This approach has been proven successful in a variety of industries, including electronic, semi-conductor, LED, industrial and non-profits, with an emphasis in healthcare – medical device, biopharmaceutical, regenerative medicine. It has resulted in improving P&L from 5% – 35% in various scenarios, securing multi-million-dollar contracts, establishing new product volume supply chains supporting 10% – 35% growth, and creating broad operational ecosystem partnerships to support translation of medical and regenerative medicine pre-clinical requirements.

We provide fractional leadership and guidance to leaders and cross-functional teams that bridge the gaps between concept, design and strategy with a focused approach and a network of resources that can rapidly engage and employ refined tools, resources, planning and expertise to build high performing supply chains. Sought out to re-shore or shift supply chains, operations and distribution for high volume international health care and commercial goods. Trouble shoot and consult to improve performance, mitigate risks, and increase margins through re-designed supply chains and operations.

Our Core Focus

  • Supply chain risk reduction and sourcing strategies
  • New product introduction and supplier integration
  • Total costs management
  • Supplier management and performance measurement
  • Contract negotiations
  • Inventory and Demand Planning (SIOP – Sales, Inventory Operations Planning)
  • Lean/six sigma process integration and adoption
  • Execution of purchases (Functional Support)

Global Experience
(In-Country engagements)

  • India and Asia Pacific (Japan, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, S. Korea, Singapore, Malasia)
  • North, Central and South America
  • UK, Ireland, Central Europe, Eastern Block, Scandinavia, and Finland

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